An 8-Step Process to Solve the Great Smartphone Debate – iPhone Versus EVO

The two factions of supporters are as polarizing as politics. Most Mac users and iPhone lovers are drooling over Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation yesterday at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2010. Android loyalists shrug their shoulders and point out a laundry list of reasons why the iPhone is not a threat to the fast-growing Droid(TM) market.

Personally, this debate hits me at the core. I am a self-proclaimed Apple slappy yet I purchased the HTC EVO last Friday on opening day. Thus far I love the EVO (and will love it more as soon as the Android 2.2 OS – also called Froyo – becomes available). However, I have to admit that in reviewing the WWDC rollout I began to question whether I should take advantage of Sprint’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure on which route I’m going to go. On one hand, I love the synergies with my other Mac products including the idea of a centralized iBook that is accessible from my laptop, iPad, or iPhone. Yet on the other side I welcome the ability to view Flash videos online and take advantage of the seamless integration with Google & Gmail. realme

Like politics, the only real way to make an educated decision is to put aside personal preferences, become aware of one-sided reviews, and leverage an easy yet objective trade-off system to guide my decision-making.

Here’s a simple, 8-step process that you can utilize to solve the iPhone versus EVO debate for yourself (and consider applying a similar process when the next presidential election rolls around, too):

  • STEP 1: Put aside personal pride, preferences or vendettas that you may have associated with either smartphone
  • STEP 2: Educate yourself on the features and functions of each smartphone
  • STEP 3: Conduct a cost analysis being careful to look at lifetime costs that include the cost of the smartphone, the cost of monthly service, replacement costs, etc
  • STEP 4: Assess your current situation and identify the most important goals & objectives that you have for a smartphone
  • STEP 5: Align your goals & objectives with the features and functions of each smartphone (for instance, if on phone video editing isn’t something that helps you reach your goals, then the iPhone’s new iMovie editing feature should not carry much weight. It’s a great feature but is it valuable to you?)
  • STEP 6: Add up the number of features and functions from each smartphone that align with your goals & objectives (for advanced-users, you can do a weighted trade-off)
  • STEP 7: Remind yourself of STEP 1
  • STEP 8: Make your decision, buy the smartphone, and do not look back


This approach will help bring an objective perspective to your decision-making process. Do not worry about which phone is “better”. Instead, spend your time on identifying the better technology for your particular situation.

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