Heal Yourself With Foods

Someone asked me once on a television interview what my definition of true health was- my answer, albeit too simplified for the scientific scholar was, “The absence of disease on all levels – meaning physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual.” I happen to believe that every person can improve their level of health by making better choices.

My number one rule to living a healthier life is to make a daily effort to choose a path toward wellness and away from disease. Choose a journey that brings joy. Be with people you adore, don’t participate in conversations that bring others down, be honest, hold onto the highest of integrity. Share your gifts and talents. Participate in hobbies and activities that enrich your life and the lives of others whenever possible. Allow yourself to be truly loved and allow yourself to love someone completely. Love can be a grand healer.

Do things that feed your spirit…listen to someone who inspires you. Perhaps you might attend a concert, seminar, go dancing, take a tour, go for a bike ride, walk in the woods, travel, meditate, practice yoga…your choice. On top of these things start to learn what it is that really keeps your body in top condition. Once you understand how nature works you will not be ill as often. If you give your body what it needs to do its job, it generally will!

So let’s talk about FOOD HEALING.

This may be surprising to you, but the human body is composed of about 15 main biochemical elements with added trace elements to small to mention. Here is the breakdown:

Nitrogen -2.5%
Phosphorus- 1.5%
Magnesium- 0.012%
Iron- 0.010%
Silicon- 0.00025
Iodine, copper, lead, aluminum- trace amounts for a grand total of 100%

The human body is comprised of up to 70% water. Every three or four minutes with the aid of the beating heart, the body’s blood goes through the lungs. The blood stream carries carbonic acid waste to the lungs to be oxidized by the oxygen and exhaled. Oxidation produces heat. By this fact it is possible to burn food in a laboratory to determine the amount of heat or calories it produces.

In chemistry we know that there is an atomic weight and innate wisdom principles within the body that send these chemical compounds to certain structures of our bodies.We have hard teeth, soft colon, tough tendons, malleable fingernails, a red heart, yellow bile, perhaps purple, blue, green in the eyes, blonde, red, or brown hair. Some people have glowing or sparkling eyes, others have eyes that are more dull. All elements have their specific scope of action and characteristics and so do we. We are all human but with unique biochemical makeups that give us variety or what I call “the spice of life!” Life, with all of its intracacies and nuances is surely miraculous.

Let us use Nature’s remedies…our bodies are built from the elements of nature. Disease then most begins in the diet with poor choices, or inadequate food supplies, from there we must consider the mind and emotions of a person.. Sometimes we take too much of one element and it causes an imbalance and other times we take too little and imbalance occurs. This happens physically, mentally and emotionally as well. Too much of a good thing may detract from life.

For example, when we do not have enough organic sodium in the diet it leads to stomach trouble but too much sodium can lead to heart disease. A low iron diet leads to anemia and yet inorganic iron can produce constipation. The right amount of lovemaking can improve one’s state of health but too much can make you go blind! NO NO NO – I’m just kidding, just wanting to keep you on your toes! But truly, using your mind in your daily occupation is important for continued mental acuity, but watching television all day may detract from your mental fortitude. Enough exercise will keep your body nimble and strong, overworking a muscle may cause injury. So you see we must choose balance.

I have found that there are seven bad habits one must break in order to be healthier: Eating too often, eating too much, talking about sickness, losses and diseases, eating fried foods, smoking, and worrying about what is yet to come. These things bring one into a very acid state of life where disease seems to breed.For me, prevention is the best answer, although I have found that many people must be one step short of dying to take their health seriously. Even if you are not in tip top shape you can improve in some way so that life is more enjoyable. russian store

There are clues in nature and within our own bodies that can help guide us to better health. Just as we can watch the birds in nature make correct choices to sustain their little bodies in flight, we must look at the human frame to determine what is best for us. Our taste buds register four different sensations, sweet, salty, bitter and sour. The back of the tongue is more sensitive to bitter, the sides react more to sour and salty and the tip to sweet. That’s another biological clue that we are to eat a variety of foods. Our teeth are also a clue; we have teeth that grind and teeth that rip and tear.

In food chemistry we know that we should apply the Acid/Alkaline food theory for perfect health. The dietary ratio should be 80 % akaline foods and 20% acid forming foods. Biochemistry divides foods into these two basic categories, and rest assured we need some of both for the spark of life to occur. One must “strike” the flint to make fire. Before any food is digested it takes the presence of ENZYMES. Enzymes are the body’s catalysts that make biochemical processes possible. For instance the first enzyme is ptyalin found in the saliva. Ptyain converts starches into maltose for further digestion by the enzyme called amylase produced by the pancreas. This enzyme splits maltose into polysacharides or multiple sugars and still more intestinal enzymes change these to simple sugars which are absorbed through the walls of the small intestine The liver stores sugars for later use in the form of glycogen. Okay enough chemistry–let’s get back to food. But one more thing, if you really have poor digestion try eating one type of food at a time…then your enzymatic activity won’t get confused by the multiple food forms and complete digestion can occur. If not possible take the best enzyme formula on the market -I suggest AbsorbAid Platinum because it has been clinically tested and written about int he New England Journal of Medicine.

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